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Oumou Sangare - Oumou



One of Mali's most beloved singers, Oumou Sangare enriches traditional music. She is recognized as the "Songbird of Wassoulou," which is the region of southern Mali known for its bluesy rhythms and melodies.


A double CD simply entitled Oumou which is a 20-track compilation of 12 songs from her existing CDs plus 8 tracks not previously on CD. DJs promoted 'Yala' as one of the best dance tracks on the album. A few of the songs give advice to young people, such as 'Djorolen' and 'N'Guatu'.




Disk 1

1. Ah Ndiya

2. Wayeina

3. Mogo Te Diya Bee Ye

4. Magnoumako

5. Dugu Kamalemba

6. Saa Magni

7. Woula Bara Diagna

8. Yala

9. Djorolen (remix)

10. Denko


Disk 2

1. Maladon

2. Diaraby Nene

3. Sigi Kuruni

4. Ne Bi Fe

5. Laban

6. Kayi Ni Wura

7. Sabu

8. Djorolen

9. Baba

10. N’Guatu


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