Infinite Frequency
'What If...'


Infinite Frequency - What If...

CD - 2006 

Infinite Frequency’s long anticipated debut record What If…,released on May 2nd., features an impressive and original collection composed by front man Ian Franklin Wilkerson. This work was recorded and mixed on analog tape. What If… captures the sonic texture of Infinite Frequency’s live performances. Passionate lead vocals, distinct guitar work and a unique groove blending funk, alternative and pop-rock are the hallmark of Infinite Frequency’s sound. Ian Franklin chose to record on analog tape to ensure listeners the same passionate and dynamic experience that is an Infinite Frequency performance:

1. Venus Moon
2. I Feel Your Love
3. Mr. Big Funk
4. I'm Free
5. This Struggle
6. Was It Really Worth It?
7. Radiant
8. Still Malaise
9. Fly Away
10. On Track
11. What's The Difference
12. Sugar Honey
13. As One
14. What If? (What Could Be)


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    Boston Regional Winners! Global Battle Of The Bands Infinite Frequency won first place in the 2006 Global Battle of the Bands Boston Regionals. They were invited to Los Angeles for the US National Finals and Played the Key Club on Sunset Strip November 11th. 2006 to a packed house of over 400+ fans.

    "Infinite Frequency has produced their debut full length album What If and this album is surely not to leave you questioning, "What if this band does not succeed?" Infinite Frequency has created a remarkably impressive debut album that is sure to clear up any questions as to whether or not the band has what it takes to survive..."

    "...The melodicism and top-notch playing on this LP will have people having flashbacks when musicianship, not just style, played an essential ingredient in rock & roll.
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