Mountain Mirrors
'Lunar Ecstasy'


Mountain Mirrors  - Lunar Ecstasy

CD - 2003

Mountain Mirrors started in the woods of Massachusetts with a Radio Shack keyboard, a four-track and a drum machine. Jeff Sanders, the man behind Mountain Mirror’s eclectic mix of psychedelic-laced folk, has been entranced by music as long as he can remember.

If Nick Drake had regularly gone camping with the guys from Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, he might have put out albums like those of Mountain Mirrors—the psych folk/rock project of multi-instrumentalist Jeff Sanders. Sanders has a melodic yet mesmerizing style, and fearlessly explores subject matter both dark and spiritual...all with a big, cosmic,out-of-doors feeling. Lunar Ecstasy was named album of the month by both IndieSoundz and StonedGods and the "Afterlife" track was chosen by Indie Music Beat Magazine for their annual 101 Great New Music Tracks CD.

1. A Short Burst of Clarity
2. Lunar Ecstasy
3. Your Sacred Space
4. Apparition
5. Where the Green Meets the Blue
6. Afterlife
7. Last Resort
8. Agent Orange
9. Rain


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    The Sound Monitor - "Lunar Ecstasy is an original genre-breaking album, in that it's not something easily described. The album ranges from atmospheric sounds to Massive Attack style trip-hop with your more standard acoustic guitar & soft singing tracks. The music takes you on numerous twists and turns throughout dark and beautiful landscapes from your dreams and nightmares..." - Nathan Paeuril

    "Mountain Mirrors' Lunar Ecstasy is a brilliant piece of work. Fit for poets and travelers and seekers and those just wanting something sweet and sad, yet beautiful to listen to." -

    "Lunar Ecstasy is mind blowing!" - Darryl Baysinger, Hellride Music
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