Mountain Mirrors


Mountain Mirrors

CD - 2006

With his sophomore release, the self-titled Mountain Mirrors, Jeff explains that his influences go far beyond music, “I'm influenced by subjects I'm interested in just as much as this constant barrage of music. I love shows like "Unsolved Mysteries" and "Ghost Hunters,” "The Shield" and "The Sopranos". Quentin Tarantino movies. Anything disturbing.” And so with song titles such as “Stay Evil”, “Your Time Has Come” and “Karmic Dogs” you might be surprised to find that the songs aren’t necessarily as menacing as they might seem., in a review of Jeff’s first album (Lunar Ecstasy), described Mountain Mirrors as “fit for poets, travelers and seekers” and it’s an apt description. Take, for instance the song “Stay Evil”; the song as Jeff describes it was written “about following a spiritual path and finding some enlightenment.” A perfect blend of insightful spirituality and eclectic arrangements make Mountain Mirrors a subtle and powerful listen.


Murat Batmaz of Sea of Tranquility described Mountain Mirrors as the most "beautifully grey" melodies he'd ever heard. The forlorn, contemplative "Stay Evil" kicks things off, followed by the darkly mellow shanty of "The Demon's Eye"—one of the strongest tracks on the album. One thing that's great about Mountain Mirrors is that its shadowy references aren't just some sort of aesthetic choice—they're the genuine vocabulary of an artist who is struggling hard for some sort of truth and inner peace. "Alone In A Crowd" is another standout. It's like "Comfortably Numb" on Lithium. "Deploribus Unum" is great too—autumnal and melancholy and yet not without its own peculiar comforts.

1. Stay Evil
2. The Demon's Eye
3. Karmic Dogs
4. Your Time Has Come
5. Calm Before the Storm
6. Alone in a Crowd
7. Deploribus Unum
8. Praying Mantis


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    "Mountain Mirrors takes the best moments of Opeths stunning Damnation album and adds a tough 60s/70s psychedelic folk and progressive rock influence forming something I would label as acoustic progressive folk rock music..." - Lunar Hypnosis

    Fans of Pink Floyd and mellow Opeth will really dig this one. Mellow yet melodic throughout the entire 8 epic tracks, this album is perfect for the metal fan when they would like to take a break from the intense music we have all come to love..." - Adrenalin Fanzine

    "If the acoustic side of Green Carnation, Opeth, Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd are to your liking, then this should definitely be on your short list of albums to check out." - Justin Donnely, The Metal Forge
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